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Re: dinosaur books

At 03:18 PM 1/3/98 -0700, Doug Lewis wrote:
As this is of general interest, I will post it to the list.

> there was some terms that I am unfamiliar with, so, could
>someone please help me with these:
>    Craniocaudally

Parallel to the axis connecting the head (cranium) and the tail (cauda).

>    Dorsoventrally

Parallel to the axis oriented from back (dorsal) to belly (ventral).

>    Basioccipital

An obscure bone on the back of the skull.  Specifically, the bone forming
the base of the occipital condyle (the articulation with the first
vertebra), and often the ventromedial part of the ear capsule.

(Ventromedial means towards the midline and below).

>    Rami

Branches.  A general term for any vaguely rod-shaped extensions of a bone.
The singular is ramus.

>    Hypertrophied

Greatly enlarged.  Opposite of 'atrophied'.

>    Epipophyses

Bony processes at the rear of a vertebra, usually other than the ones that
form a secondary articulation with the next vertebra.

(The one involved in the articulation are usually called postzygapophyses).

>    Anteroposteriorly

Parallel to the axis the front (anterior) and rear (posterior).
Essentially synonymous with "craniocaudally".

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