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Re: Sinosauropteryx (again)

>I noticed the bones and all, and couldn't help but get testy when I
>couldn't figure out how many cervicals and dorsals there were, or where
>the humerus went, or whether those bone-like lumps in the photos are two
>fingers . . . or three? A restoration I saw shows three fingers, one
>bearing a rather large thumb claw. Hmmm. . . .
>Jaime A. Headden

A good source of information is the Audubon magazine set of photographs,
but these don't answer the problem of the bone structure of the hand. For
that we have to rely on the hand reconstruction made by Phil Currie through
examination of the three specimens available and shown in the SVP meeting.
And the verdict is three fingers.
The vertebrae are also problematic due to crushing and the state of fossil
but I'd go for eigth cervicals at least.
Unfortunately an official paper is not yet available. Hopefully it will be soon.
Yes it seems that the first finger has a bigger claw and is longer in
general than the rest.
You can read a summary of the story of the Sinosauropteryx saga at my site
and see my reconstruction. For a different view have a look at the cover of
the Dinosaur Encyclopedia with Mike Skrepnick's painting of

Luis Rey

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