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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #83

Ben Creisler alerted me to the existence of a new generic name in the
following article:

Triebold, M., 1997. "The Sandy Site: Small Dinosaurs from the Hell Creek
Formation of South Dakota," in Wolberg, D. L., Stump, E. & Rosenberg, G. D.,
eds., Dinofest International: Proceedings of a Symposium sponsored by Arizona
State University, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia: 245-248.

The name _Orcomimus_ appears in a faunal list of the Sandy site under
Ornithomimidae, along with _Ornithomimus_ and _Struthiomimus_. I first
encountered this genus in a poster session by Dale Russell and Michael
Triebold at the 1995 SVP annual meeting in Pittsburgh, but since it was then
an unpublished name, I deferred including it in the Dinosaur Genera List. I
suppose it is a new genus of ornithomimid from the Sandy site, but until a
description is published, saying any more would simply be speculation.

So add the following as genus #818:

Orcomimus Triebold, 1997 [nomen nudum]