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February Earth magazine

The February Earth magazine is not to be missed.  This month?s theme is
?Origins - The Oldest Questions, Our Newest Answers.?  Two dinosaur articles
complete the totally absorbing issue.  The first is ?Contenders for the Crown?
by Jeff Hecht, which compares _Tyrannosaurus rex_ with _Giganotosaurus_,
_Acrocanthosaurus_ and _Carcharodontosaurus_.  Tom Holtz has some interesting
quotes in the article, and the illustration is by Bob Walters.  The next is
?Dinosaur Dawn? by Daniel Pendick, which talks about early dinosaurs and in
particular _Eoraptor_.  Tom Holtz is again quoted, this time quite

For a bonus, the issue also offers the chance to enter a drawing for a grand
prize of a five day Dinosaur Discovery Expedition for two (through Dinomation
International  Society - worth $2,400) to Grand Junction, Colorado.