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Re: Fossil dung from Islay

I thought I should comment on this on the list, despite it being too 
old for dinosaurs, and to add to my comments in the London Times....

It may be that the date is closer to 800 million years as the age of 
the Dalradian rocks in which the dung is found is the subject of much 
controversy as the date of 600 million years appears to represent an 
age of the last metamorphic event and not the true age of the rock.
So this discovery is certainly nothing to sniff at!

> >Report on Radio 4 this morning that a paper is soon to come out
> >describing fossilised dung that dates to 600 million years old: thats
> >50 million years or so older than the currently accepted date for the
> >oldest animal with a mouth and gut. The droppings reportedly display
> >the characteristic ridging associated with peristalsis.
> >The Isle of Islay is destined to become quite busy with fossil hunters
> >investigating this extraordinary site, and Scottish Heritage is
> >looking into protecting the area as a scientific site of interest.

Not that that will offer any form of protection (cynic!).
> They also do a damn fine whiskey.

I'm afraid they don't make whiskey in Scotland ... only whisky.  The 
whiskey is the Irish variant.  But, yes, they do make a fine whisky 
in Islay!

Neil :-)
Neil 'Jurassic' Clark
Hunterian Museum
email: dinosaur@museum.gla.ac.uk