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Re: dinosaur books

At 01:26 PM 1/3/98 +1300, jvrussell wrote:
>It seems everyone so far thinks "The Complete Dinosaur" is very good.
>How would folks compare it to "Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs" ed's Philip
>Currie & Kevin Padian (Academic Press)? If you were only to buy one -
>which one? I haven't seen either as yet (take a while to get to New
>Zealand) so would value some comparisions before ordering one (or both!)
>Thanks in advance,

Order both, if at all possible and if you can afford the chunk of change
required.  They are both excellent pieces.

Currie & Padian is one of the first dino encyclopedias worthy of the name
(i.e., a bunch of brief articles on many, many subjects).  Quite good, and I
don't just say that because they use my theropod cladogram! :-)

Farlow & Brett-Surman is a different type of work: more in depth than the
former in a sense, because we were given more space in which to write.  On
the other hand, it is written for a more general audience.

With regards to the Sauropod chapter in Farlow & Brett-Surman: that article
represents a piece of the Holy Grail of dinosaur paleontology: a
condensation of a huge manuscript on sauropod paleontology by Jack McIntosh,
combined with Greg Paul illustrations of most of the sauropods known from
relatively complete material.  Okay, so it isn't very cladistically
oriented, but it is full of information.

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