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I have just spent pretty much *the whole day* going thru the massive 
backlog of emails that collected in my mailbox over the Xmas 
period. My mouse and my right wrist are in need of repair. 
Anyway, happy new year everyone.

I have now acheived my life's ambition: a regular column in the 
hallowed pages of _Dinosaur Collector's Club Newsletter_. The 
current issue has, as a full back-cover feature, an article by me on 
new theropods and bits and pieces from the SVP meeting. Those of you 
who have read it may have been a little surprised to hear that a 
fercula has 'been said to be evidence of FLIGHT IN VELOCIRAPTOR'. 
I was surprised to hear this too. Flight in _Velociraptor_??? 

Needless to say, the whole thing is down to editorial incompetence. 
What I _actually_ wrote was 'a fercula has previously been said to be 
evident in the fighting _Velociraptor_ but Rinchen Barsbold, who has 
examined the specimen first hand, says this is incorrect'. I will 
correct this massive and misleading error in the article for the 
next ish. There never was a flying _Velociraptor_ of course. But then 
you already knew this didn't you.

"The distant noise of some drunken jazz band"

DARREN 'I have an office now thankyou very much, and Pete doesn't, 
yes he's back after his Xmas oddysey, and yes he's coming to Utah 
this year' NAISH