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Tools and supplies

To the members of the list,

        I hope everyone had a nice seasonal vacation, and welcome back to work. 
just wanted to remind everyone that we now carry a complete line of
replacement parts for all of the air scribes, including ARO and Chicago
Pneumatic, as well as new and used scribes.  We also have begun to carry
Vinac PVA beads, which when mixed with acetone is one of the best and
versatile preservatives available for fossil prep.  Please visit our site
at http://www.global-expos.com/tools.html/

George Winters, President
Global Expos
Internet Web Page and Graphic Design
174 Broad St.,P.O. Box 305
Glens Falls, NY 12801
Phone:(518) 745-4139
Fax: (518) 793-4467
ichat PAGER - Global-Expos
e-mail george@global-expos.com
visit our site at: http://www.global-expos.com