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Dinosaur TV Week

Larry Dunn wrote:
> Today's love-fest includes segment with Justin Hoffman, six year-old 
> "paleontologist."  Aw, how cute . . . kill me.

Well, there are now 81 paleontologists working full-time world wide!  I hope
he has his own funding.  I can?t wait to hear his extinction theory, his talks
at Dinofest and SVP, and to have him start posting on this list.

Here is the press release:

Young Dino-Whiz Has New Dinosaur Named In His Honor
          Discover(R) Card announces winner of Junior Paleontologist
Discover(R)ed Contest

    RIVERWOODS, Ill., Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Justin Hofmann, 6, of Newton, New
Jersey, knows why long-necked dinosaurs have long tails, understands the
difference between the Triassic and Cretaceous periods and has his own theory
of why dinosaurs vanished from the earth 65 million years ago.  Because of his
knowledge, this young dino expert won the unique honor of having a new
dinosaur named in his honor.  As the grand prize winner of Discover(R) Card's
Junior Paleontologist Discover(R)ed Contest, Hofmann was named Discover Card's
Official Junior Paleontologist.  Now, as the contest winner, a newly found
species of dinosaur will be named in his honor.

    Hofmann, who's been a dino-enthusiast since age 4, was thrilled to be
selected as Discover Card's Official Junior Paleontologist.  "I really like
digging for dinosaur bones in my backyard and pretending to dissect fossils
findings," said Hofmann.  "Now, I'm very excited about having my very own
dinosaur named after me and sharing my dinosaur stories with other kids!"

    The new species of dinosaur is named Nedcolbertia justinhofmanni.  It was
a meat-eating dinosaur with a relatively long neck, sharp teeth, grasping
hands, long swift legs and a balancing tail.  Nedcolbertia justinhofmanni
lived during the early Cretaceous period, about 125 million years ago.  It was
recently excavated in east central Utah by James Kirkland, Ph.D., senior
paleontologist, Dinamation International Society.

    The Junior Paleontologist DISCOVERed contest, launched in conjunction with
Universal Studios Home Video release of The Lost World:  Jurassic Park(R), is
part of Discover Card's DINOSAURS DISCOVERed program.  The program is designed
to stimulate children's interest in learning more about dinosaurs.

    "We are delighted to honor Justin by naming a dinosaur for him," said Lisa
Lampert, vice president, Discover Card marketing, NOVUS Services, Inc.  "We
hope our DINOSAURS DISCOVERed program will inspire many more children to take
an interest in science and see how much fun learning is."

    To enter the contest, children were asked to explain why they think
dinosaurs vanished from the earth 65 million years ago, and why they should be
selected as Discover Card's Junior Paleontologist.

    Hofmann was selected from 11 finalists to become Discover Card's Official
Junior Paleontologist.  Hofmann and another first prize winner, Colin Lenehan
from Chelsea, Michigan, received a family vacation to Universal Studios
Hollywood(R).  Nine runners-up received a $500 savings bond.

    The Junior Paleontologist DISCOVERed contest was open to children 6-12. To
enter, participants could download a contest entry form from the Discover Card
Web site at www.discovercard.com.  Children entered the contest via the
Internet and direct mail.  Entries were judged based on originality and
creativity of essay, appropriateness to the subject and knowledge of subject
matter.  Winners were selected from the 11 finalists by a panel of Discover
Card judges under the supervision of D.L. Blair, Inc., an independent judging

    As part of the DINOSAURS DISCOVERed program, Discover Card also created a
free, 24" X 36" activity poster (call 888-311-DINO) for children interested in
fascinating facts about the life of dinosaurs.  The DINOSAURS DISCOVERed
poster, available through January 16, 1998, includes exciting dinosaur-related
games for children to play such as "Din-O-Maze," "Are Birds Really
Dinosaurs?," and "Break the Code."  The poster also contains dinosaur pictures
children can color.

    Discover Card, issued by a business unit of Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter,
Discover & Co., is a general purpose credit and financial services card that
is accepted nationwide wherever the NOVUS(R) sign is displayed.

CO:  Discover Card

ST:  Illinois