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Re: Dinosaur TV Week

herricks@cin.net (Gary Riegler) wrote:

>  So when is Nedcolbertia justinhofmanni going to be published
>  and added to the Dinosaur Genera list? Also- from the description, 
>  it could be nearly any type of coelurosaur( I know thats not the
>  proper term anymore.,sorry.)

Knowing that this would be a cutting edge news event, I taped the Rosie
O?Donnell show.  The precocious paleontologist did not know what kind of
dinosaur it was which now bears his name.  

>>     Hofmann was selected from 11 finalists to become Discover Card's
>> Official

> Anyone hear what his theory was?

His (memorized) theory was that a meteor hit the earth, sending up a big cloud
of dust and dirt in the sky which blocked out the sun, so the planteaters died
and then the meateaters died because they didn?t have anything to eat.  A
subtheory was that dinosaurs didn?t really die out because we still have
crocodiles and turtles.  

The highlight of the program was when Barney came out and hugged Justin, then
they all sang.  (A mega-Maalox moment.)