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Re: Gobi dinosaurs article (long)

Would these be the same tracks Mike Novacek was talking about way back in
96?He did not place much emphasis on the tracks during his speech at the
Academy of Science in San Francisco
but he did mention them in passing-footprints along the base of a dune.

-Betty Cunningham

> 1/7/98
> New Study Shows Dinosaurs From Gobi Desert Site Killed In Sudden "Sand
> Slides" Falling From Dunes - Study Also Reports First Dinosaur Tracks
> >From Gobi
> A team of scientists from the University of Nebraska, the American
> Museum of Natural History, the Berkeley Geochronology Center, and the
> Mongolian Technical University, presents new evidence in the cover story
> of the January issue of Geology that the dinosaurs and other ancient
> creatures from the Gobi Desert's richest fossil site were killed by
> sudden avalanches of water-soaked sand flowing down the sides of dunes.
> The research also revealed the first dinosaur footprints ever discovered
> in the Gobi Desert. The scientists, part of a joint expedition organized
> by the American Museum of Natural History and the Mongolian Academy of
> Science, were working in the area known as Ukhaa Tolgod (Brown Hills),
> one of the world's richest Late Cretaceous fossil sites.


> Authors of the paper are: David Loope, professor and chair in
> the Department of Geosciences, University of Nebraska; Lowell Dingus,
> research associate, American Museum of Natural History's Department of
> Vertebrate Paleontology; Carl Swisher, geochronologist, Berkeley
> Geochronology Center; and Chuluun Minjin, geologist, Mongolian Technical
> University.