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Re: Brachiosaurus is NOT Giraffatitan...

In a message dated 98-01-07 13:19:31 EST, padron@online.no writes:

<< When people want to draw a Brachiosaurus, they ALLWAYS draw 
 Giraffatitan...they kan draw Giraffatitan as much as they want, but write 
 "Giraffatitan" as the title, and not "Brachiosaurus". They where 
 different GENERA! >>

Not everybody agrees with this (in fact, most workers don't). But I do:
they're different genera. Part of the problem is the difficulty of examining
the original _Giraffatitan brancai_ type material, some of which is in the
mounted skeleton in Berlin. It also didn't help when the Field Museum in
Chicago put up their "Brachiosaurus" skeleton, using casts of the North
American material together with casts of the African material in the same