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Re: reptilian pneumatized vertebrae

Pneumatization or excavation of vertebrae is merely the degree of invasion
of vertebrae by the lung.  See Perry, S. F. 1983.  Reptilian lungs:
functional anatomy and evolution. Adv. in Anat. Embryol. and Cell Biol. v. 79.

>Could someone please provide to the List members a reference or two
>regarding the existence and function of air spaces within the vertebrae
>of turtles and lizards?  Thanks.
>Do they have true pneumatized vertebrae, or merely excavated vertebrae?
>There is a difference.  (Look at the cross-section of an _Allosaurus_
>vertebra in Farlow's book to see what I mean).  That sort of structure only
>forms where epithelial tissue invades the bone.
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