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New Dinosaur games

 Do you know your Abelisaurus from a Zingongosaurus? Take the Jurassic
Challenge! It's tougher than an Ankylosaurus! Harder than a T Rex's
toenails!  This Dinosaur Database & Trivia Game will challenge the
best!  Yet, because of extensive use of pictures and multiple choice
questions even parents will be contenders!  To bone up for the next
browse the biggest and best dinosaur database -- over 450
dinosaurs available, with details on their diet, age, classifications,
where they were found, size, weight and other topics.  More than 100
full color images by professional artists.   Dinosaur Trivia presents
more than a dozen different questions categories about dinosaur names,
diet, origins, classification and time periods.  A special editor lets
you customize the database, or browse to learn more.   An excellent
way to learn.
Cascoly Software announced the release of the latest
its series of educational puzzle games and CD collections.
The unique Cascoly Trivia engine ensures that questions will always be
fresh -- there are billions of possible questions, so you won't tire
of this game before the next asteroid hits. And you'll never wonder
waht the answer is in this game -- if you miss, you always get a
complete explanation of what went wrong.  Great for dinosaur lovers
of all ages, teachers, students and anyone else interested in
painlessly testing and increasing their knowledge of dinosaurs and
their world.
Dinosaur Puzzles:
Dinosaurs come to life in this challenging prehistoric puzzle game.
Shareware version includes Tyrannosaurus rex and Pentaceratops;
registered version adds another 10 full color dinosaurs in action.
Extremely flexible -- choose any numbers of pieces from 4 to 2000!
Hall of fame for your best scores.  Save puzzles, solution hints,
music, sound effects, simple mouse interface, and much more!
  http://cascoly.com/dinosaur.htm for demo versions and ordering
Dinosaur Puzzles is also included on Cascoly's latest CD ROM:
      Dinosaur Challenge: Trivia & Database
      Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles
      Cascoly Critters

Cascoly is an independent software developer, producing educational,
strategy and puzzle games, clipart, multiplayer online games and
consulting services.