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Re: Dinosaur TV Week

At 10:32 PM 1/6/98 -0500, MKIRKALDY wrote:
>Knowing that this would be a cutting edge news event, I taped the
>O?Donnell show.  The precocious paleontologist did not know what
kind of
>dinosaur it was which now bears his name.  

Great, wasn't it.

>His (memorized) theory was that a meteor hit the earth, sending up a big
>of dust and dirt in the sky which blocked out the sun, so the
planteaters died
>and then the meateaters died because they didn?t have
anything to eat.

Nothing like an original idea is there.

>A subtheory was that dinosaurs didn?t really die out because we still
>crocodiles and turtles.  

In fairness he was egged on by Rosie, who said, "There are *two* dinosaurs
still living...Ya' know what they are?" Presumably the answer she was trying
to get from him was "Barney and Baby Bop" -- But neither Justin nor Rosie have
apparently ever heard of the Bird Theory. 

                             -- Dave

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