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Re: Parasaurolophus neck/head flap.

In the holotype restored skeleton of Parasaurolophus walkeri (ROM 768),
there is a natural v-shaped notch in between the 7th and 8th dorsal
vertebrae.  The terminal end of the crest could have rested upon this
notch.  I agree with Ostrom that the crest was not attached to the dorsal via
ligaments, for there are no apparent scars on the crest (Ostrom, 1962a).
I doubt that a large flap of skin existed connecting the crest to various
parts of the neck.  A skin flap would have restricted some of the side to
side and head tilting movements.  However, a large flap of skin would
have made a wonderful sexual signal a view I share with Dodson (Dodson,


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 On Fri, 9 Jan 1998, The Armadillo with the Mask wrote:

> I've seen a number of conflicting illustrations and animations recently
> which show Parasaurolophus with a flap of skin connecting the crest to the
> various parts along the neck. These range from "Fantasia" to the
> "Dinosaurs Past and Present" volumes so I'm sure the question has been
> around for a while. I'm curious as to what the current thinking on this
> is. Is there any evidence of muscle/tissue scars on the crest?
> Thanks,
> ----Steve