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Re: Baryonyx Claw

Hello all,

Robert P, Sheridan wrote, asking if a Baryonx claw replica could be obtained.

I would ask if a description of that (those) claw(s) could be obtained? I
seem to remember a formal description is either forthcoming or already out,
concerning the entire beast. I would love to read about the claw structure,
in particular.

Can someone out there point to a source for these papers?I've howled for
years about the lack of availability of such important work, and I guess
I'm just too damned stubborn to quit.

When preserved with the outer sheath, do larger Theropod claws have the
surface smoothness of say a tooth? Would the sheathing tend to seperate
from the boney subsruface rather easily? Would a large claw have small
ridges and valleys running lenghtwise? Has any material ever been found in
the North American deposits that would suggest a possible Baryonyx-like
dinosaur of our own?

This is all actually related to field work, and any help will be appreciated.

Descriptionless in Arkansas,
Roger A. Stephenson

Roger A. Stephenson
Hell Creek Homey