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Re: CNN on Lungs and Feathers

>It would be great to get someone like Derek Briggs or other
>geologically-oriented paleontologists who are used to examining 
>soft tissue structures preserved in sedimentary rocks to see if the 
>are in fact preserved soft tissues or some other form of organically 
>stain.  Of course this would have to be done in person (and hopefully 
>an SEM or whatever the best equipment that's available for the task), 
as is
>the case of any rigorous examination of organisms.
     I have to say that that is one of the best things I have heard all 
day. Getting a  paleontologist who looks and studies gut traces ( Derik 
Briggs, Conway Morris, Henry Whittington, one of those people who 
studies the Burgess shale and similiar places and similiar animals) 
would be great for this Sinosauropteryx lung mess. 


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