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Re: Compsognathus (and Sinosauropteryx) hand

>The metacarpal is there, but none of the third-digit phalanges >(which 
would be the most numerous) from either hand. Furthermore, >the third 
metacarpal doesn't have an articulating surface for the >corresponding 
digit. So if there was a third digit, it was likely >vestigial.

>Phil Currie notes that _Sinosauropteryx_ does have three-digit >hands.

So, does this make *Compsognathus* more advanced than *Sinosaur- 
opteryx*? I'll admit the rest of the body seems pretty similar to 
*Compsognathus,* with a smaller pubic boot (maybe a sub-adult specimen 
or a condition of phylogenic development [i.e., more primitive]).

Jaime A. Headden

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