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Re: Baryonyx Claw

roger <roger@arkansas.net> wrote
>Robert P, Sheridan wrote, asking if a Baryonx claw replica could be obtained.
>I would ask if a description of that (those) claw(s) could be obtained? I
>seem to remember a formal description is either forthcoming or already out,
>concerning the entire beast. I would love to read about the claw structure,
>in particular.
>Can someone out there point to a source for these papers?I've howled for
>years about the lack of availability of such important work, and I guess
>I'm just too damned stubborn to quit.
Charig, A. J. Milner, A. C., Baryonyx walkeri, a fish-eating dinosaur from the 
Wealden of Surrey, Bulletin of The Natural History Museum, Geology Series, 
1997; 53(1): 1170 (June 26, 1997 issue).

Gautam Majumdar                 gautam@majumdar.demon.co.uk