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NMMNH and Dr. Lucas

First of all, I would like to thank all of you who helped me in choosing
how to spend my time while in NM!!!  It is truly awesome territory.  

Unfortunately I was unable to visit many of the places suggested due to
time constraints (created by difficult weather between Amarillo and Okla.
City).  I did get to visit with Dr. Spencer Lucas and do a little hiking
in the mountains.

If anyone is planning to visit NM, I would definitely recommend the
museum.  The collection is not as large as some museums (i.e. Denver), but
they have only been open 11 years and they do have a range.  

impressive to me was the friendliness and knowledgeability of everyone at
the museum (from Dr. Lucas to preparers, to the artists to the gentleman
who takes care of the scorpion and the people who volunteer their time).
ALSO visitors are ENCOURAGED to touch many of the specimens, something I'm
not accustomed to in a museum.

_Seismosaurus_ is being prepared on display, as well as a huge block from
Ghost Ranch.  There is a mounted _Allosaurus_, _Stegosaurus_, and
_Camarasaurus_ as well as reconstructions of _Quetzalcoatlus_,
_Pteranodon_, and _Rhamphorhynchus_ suspended from the ceiling and a
_Coelophysis_ (_Rioarribasaurus_, whatever) peeking from some bushes.
There is a cast of the AMNH 5027 _T. rex_ skull and  a relatively new
partial _Parasauralophus_ skull (the crest and back part of the skull).
There is (of course) a cast _Archaeopteryx_, _Seymoria_.  There are
various extinct mammal exhibits as well as some phytosaur material and an
impressive dicynodont.  

Dr. Lucas was very gracious and a wonderful man.  He spoke highly of all
the artists on the list (I made sure to mention you guys, he said he was
personal friends with most of you).  He seems to be quite fond of George,
and I am going to e-mail him T. Mike Keesey's website address, he seemed
interested (go MIKE!).  

Well, I'll stop clogging the e-mail with my blabber.  Thanks again to all
those who contributed suggestions for my trip.