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Re: Carnotaurus arms

At 01:34 AM 1/12/98 PST, jaemei wrote:
>To the List:
>Has anyone considered the possibility of stunted development in the arms 
>of *Carnotaurus*? If they were stunted, could it be possible that the 
>arms were actually normal-sized? I ask this before I draw *Carnotaurus* 
>with normal ceratosaurian (or megalosaurian) arms and hands.

The arms of Carnotaurus are very clearly (and grotesquely) short.  Check out
THE key paper for details:

Bonaparte, J.F., F.E. Novas & R.A. Coria.  1990.  Carnotaurus sastrei
Bonaparte, the horned, lightly built carnosaur from the middle Cretaceous of
Patagonia.  Contributions in Science 416: 1-42.

Anyone reconstructing this beast REALLY needs to get a hold of this paper,
as it is the only source will illustrations of most of the anatomy.

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