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Re: The Astronaut Coelophysis

Dinogeorge said:

>In a message dated 98-01-12 03:01:36 EST, MKIRKALDY@aol.com writes:
><< According to the Associated Press, the director of the Carnegie Museum of
> Natural History, Jay Apt, who is a former astronaut, has put a 214 million
> year old _Coelophysis_ skull on the passenger list for a trip on the space
> shuttle Atlantis.  Blast-off for the oldest astronaut is January 22.
>  >>
>You're kidding, right? You've >got< to be kidding.

Unfortunately, she's not.  In Houston (where space stuff is more fully
reported) they explain that the shuttles always carry a small payload of
items that serve no purpose other than novelty, just for the PR value.

Actually, I suspect that its an effort to show that Theropods not only had
feathers and flew, but were actually adapted to blast off into outer space
using super-powered avian lungs and hyperendothermic metabolism which burned

  --Toby White