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Erik Jarvik

Forwarded, with sadness, from the Paleonet.

Jarvik was not a dinosaur worker, but he was a great figure in the field of
vertebrate paleontology and (as noted) continued to make major contributions
until the end of his days.  He shall be missed.

>We regret to inform you that Professor Erik Jarvik passed away yesterday,
>January 11th, at the age of 90. Erik Jarvik was Professor Emeritus at the
>Swedish Museum of Natural History. A major proponent of the "Stockholm
>school" of early vertebrate studies, he was best known for his work on
>Palaeozoic fishes and early tetrapods, epitomized in Eusthenopteron and
>Ichthyostega. He was the author of a well-known textbook in two volumes
>(1980) dealing with the basic structure and evolution in vertebrates. In
>spite of failing health during his last years, he managed to find the
>strength to complete his final and major monograph on Ichthyostega, which
>was published in 1996, more than 60 years after his first scientific
>Stockholm, January 12th, 1998
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