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something interesting I didn't know

     I spent most of last week at the Field Museum, looking at study skins 
     and foot skeletons of ratites and other ground birds, and observed 
     something interesting.  I noticed that the big ungual on digit II of a 
     male cassowary, _Casuarius unappendiculatus_, was something like 20% 
     longer than on a similarly sized foot of a female of the same species. 
     The horny claw on digit II on a study skin of a male of _C. bennetti_, 
     and also a male of _C. unappendiculatus_, looked positively enormous.
     I don't remember seeing anything in the published literature about 
     possible sexual dimorphism in the nasty digit II claw of cassowaries.  
     Does anybody out there know if such sexual dimorphism has in fact been 
     documented in these birds?  If it does occur, one irrestibly starts 
     wondering about the possibility of sexual dimorphism in the digit II 
     slicer of dromaeosaurids or troodontids.
     Also, would the guy in Maryland (?) who asked me for copies of my 
     theropod tooth papers please contact me again?  I mistakenly deleted 
     your address.
     Jim Farlow