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Re: The Astronaut Coelophysis

Reply to:RE>>The Astronaut Coelophysis                       11:10 AM

  It should have been a Dromaesaur,  they're better at flying.
(sorry, can't resist a bad joke)

David Krentz

Date: 1/12/98 3:58 AM
To: David Krentz
From: tuckr@digital.net
> You're kidding, right? You've >got< to be kidding.

    Nope. We're hosting separate receptions at the Planetarium for two of the

STS-89's rookie astronauts' friends and families the day before launch. I
admit, I don't quite see the logic in taking a _Coelophysis_ skull aboard --
expecially since I've been pleading with all my astronaut friends and
acquaintances for several years to take *me* along.
    Bumped for a theropod . . . what a bummer.

-= Tuck =-