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Re: Carnotaurus arms

At 01:26 PM 1/12/98 -0600, jconrad wrote:

(With regards to Carnotaurus:)

>I thought that the very short forearms were rather characteristic of
>megalosaurs, or am I mistaken?

A) Regardless of its phylogenetic position, short forearms are
characteristic of Carnotaurus.

B) Short forearms may be characteristic of Torvosaurus, Megalosaurus, and
Baryonyx as well.  However, it is uncertain at present which (if any) of
these form a monophyletic group (and thus, what (if anything) is a

Having seen Megalosaurus bucklandi material last week, including undescribed
stuff, I am pretty convinced it is more advanced (i.e., closer to
Avetheropoda, and possibly a carnosaur!) than Torvosaurus.  Will see when
analysis runs...

C) Most recent studies put Carnotaurus close to Abelisaurus and
Ceratosaurus, and relatively far from Torvosaurus and Megalosaurus.
However, there is some debate on the position of the Abelisauridae,
especially given some abelisaur-like features of Carcharodontosaurus and/or

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