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Re: Carnotaurus arms

>Bonaparte, J.F., F.E. Novas & R.A. Coria.  1990.  Carnotaurus sastrei
>Bonaparte, the horned, lightly built carnosaur from the middle Cretaceous of
>Patagonia.  Contributions in Science 416: 1-42.
>Anyone reconstructing this beast REALLY needs to get a hold of this paper,
>as it is the only source will illustrations of most of the anatomy.
>Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.

It can never be emphasized enough! I had to do a bunch of mistaken
reconstructions of those 'weirdest o weirdest' hands until I got mine on
this paper. The thumb has turned into a spike facing backwards while the
palm of the hands seem to be facing outwards. What this animal was doing
with these hands is anyody's guess... get the Novas and Coria paper!!

Luis Rey

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