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Re: Carnotaurus arms

>I thought that the very short forearms were rather characteristic of
>megalosaurs, or am I mistaken?

Characteristic, yes, but not to the extreme seen in *Carnotaurus*. This 
may be natural, or paleopathological. The size of every known megalosaur 
manus are large, with big claws, as in *Torvosaurus* (an old favorite) 
and *Xuanhanosaurus*---with _huge_ arms, I might add (evidence for 
*Xuanhanosaurus'* placement as a basal allosaurian is very good, and 
evidence as in the geological time and place as the basal allosaurian 
*Monolophosaurus*---they may, in fact, be the same theropod, either 
generically or specifically---so I do not count this as really 

Jaime A. Headden

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