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New refs #8

And another small group of refs:

Benton, M.J. & J.L. Allen. 1997. Boreopricea from the Lower Triassic of
Russia,  and the relationships of the prolacertiform reptiles.
Palaeontology, 40(4):931-953.

Interseting new taxon from an island just southwest of Novaya Zemlya.
The latter is supposed to be one of the worst places to do field work in
the world and I suspect this place is little better. Flies the size of
pterosaurs. Lots of the specimen although a bit crushed. Some
discussion of the Prolacertiformes and suggestion that Boreopricea
is sister to Prolacerta.

One for the marine reptile fans:

Cruickshank, A.R.I. & J.A. Long. 1997. A new species of pliosaurid
   reptile from the Early Cretaceous Birdrong Sandstone of Western
   Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum, 18:263-276.

A Barremian taxon from near Kalbarri. Postcranial stuff with lots of verts.
(Real surprise there). Leptocleidus clemai is the species. Long's
reconstruction suggests it is an ugly little spud but neat nonetheless.

Finally, a note in the latest Canadian Geographic (Jan/Feb 1998,
118(1):18)  talks about Phil Currie and his interest into whether large
theropods hunted in packs. He worried about single occurrences of the
various taxon, rather than bonebeds one might expect if packs were
there. However, he notes a quarry in Patagonia where 3 specimens of a
Giganotosaurus-like taxon are present and that Phil had uncovered
evidence that Barnum Brown had found an Albertosaurus bone-bed
around the turn of the century. Using 1910 photos and with help of the
Dinamation group he located it this past summer (sorry I didn;t get to talk
with Phil at SVP this year). Phil estimates there are 30-40 individuals,
articulated at the same geological level and varying in size from 4m juvs
to 8m adults. Phil suggests this supports pack hunting in Allos. One
wonders why BB didn't do more with this. Would have thrilled the hell out
of me. Phil will excavate next May. Maybe was just an allosaurid club
med. What a thrill. Guess I'll drop Phil a line about some potential things
with this material!

That's it for now. Your humble servant,

Ralph Chapman