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Re: individual age

>From Bill Hinchman <BHinchSaur@aol.com>
To: srm@accessin.com.au

In reference to individual age among dinosaurs, at the present time it is
not possible to determine.  Some dinosaur fossils show growth rings within
the structure which might be indicative of age, as in ectotherms.   However, 
this ussumes that each ring represents one years worth of growth. (We are
now on thin ice).  Other dinosaur fossils do not exhibit these rings at all, 
and others still show signs of a Haversian Canal system, a marker for
Endothermy.  In all until the question of metabolism is settled more 
clearly, I do not think that any estimate of age can be made based on
clear cut evidence.  

Bill Hinchman
AMNH Fossil Explainer Program