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Albertosaurus bone bed

At 08:24 AM 14/01/98 -0500, Dr. Holtz wrote:
>[Concerning Phil Currie's evidence for pack hunting in large theropods:]
>>Phil had uncovered
>>evidence that Barnum Brown had found an Albertosaurus bone-bed
>>around the turn of the century.
>Incidentally, this bone bed IS Albertosaurus, and not Gorgosaurus.
This is the bone bed that the AMNH took a bunch of left feet from?  I never
understood why they did that.  If there is any good material there, why not
dig it up?  I am therefore left to assume that the material is not very
good.  Am I wrong?  If there is good material there, why has there not been
more hoop-la (how does one spell a stupid word like that) about it?

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