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Jeff Hecht wrote:
<<It's worth noting that southern France and Iberia at that point were an
island, probably somewhat larger than Madagascar. Buffetaut thinks
Gargantuavis occupied a niche similar to the "ostrich dinosaurs" which lived
on the major continents at the time, but were not present in France.>>

That assertation seems somewhat strange, seeing as the most basal
ornithomimosaur (_Pelecanimimus polyodon_) is known from Iberia (though about
50 million years older), and these animals presumably had to walk through
France either one way or the other because all other ornithomimosaurs are
known from Asia and North America...  Also, aren't the Late Cretaceous faunas
of France rather poorly known?  With all due respect, how does Buffetaut know
that NO ornithomimosaurs were living in France?  What seems more probable to
me is that there were ornithomimosaurs present in at least some areas of the
French-Iberian Island (or surrounding European islands), or that they were
possibly "out-competed" _Gargantuavis_ and its kin.

Pete Buchholz

I had no idea Jay Leno's chin had such magical powers.