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Re: individual age

In a message dated 98-01-14 13:40:23 EST, you write:

<<         As long as they were formed in regular time increments they are at
 least minimally useful in providing an absolute (although indecipherable)
 timing mechanism. >>

I agree  that these may be used as comparisons, my point was that the period
is not known, and therefore age other than in a relative sense, is not yet
<and others still show signs of a Haversian Canal system, a marker for
You wrote:
        << Recent experiments suggest that this is really a marker for high
 activity levels. I believe they ran some poor unfortunate lizard on a
 treadmill for a very long time and observed Haversian systems in its bones.
Now that you jog my memory I do recall reading of anexperiment of this nature,
if I should com across it I will certainly post it.

Bill Hinchman