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re: papers

forelf@internet19.fr wrote:

> How can a non-professional like me get individual scintific papers?
> Thanks in advance
> Felix Landry

Many ways, all mostly easy.

Online, one can search for and order papers from
the CARL reprint service at:
(click on the "Uncover Document Delivery" box)

(the password box is optional, if I remember correctly. Membership
is not required). CARL has mainly the more recent papers.

or, more specifically:

Another way is to contact the author of the paper, directly.
Often the author has reprints laying around, and is usually
eager to part with them.  There is a database somewhere on
Paleonet that has e-mail addresses of many paleontologists around
the world. If I remember correctly, the Society of Vertebrate
Paleontology also has a link to this database of addresses.

Another way (particularly for the older papers) is old-fashioned
interlibrary loan.  I don't know how things are done in France,
but here in the States, we just fill out a loan form and give it
to our local librarian.  In a few weeks to many many months(!), a
photocopy will be sent.  Photocopy fees vary from at-cost all the
way up to $15.00 (U.S.)plus 15 cents per page.
But if it is a paper that you *must* have, it is still more
cost-effective than personally travelling to Colorado to photocopy
Bakker et al.'s Nanotyrannus paper in the journal _Hunteria_!