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Tyrannosaur papers

I was looking through my tyrannosaur papers and have run into a stumbling
block and an interesting possibility.  The stumbling block has to do with
tyrannosaur fibulae.  Are there any papers that give lengths of albertosaur
fibulae?  I found listings for two Gorgosaurus specimens (CMN 11593 and CMN
2120) and one for Albertosaurus (ROM 807).  I am trying to find out about
the ontological changes in the legs of tyrannosaurs to get an insight (not
enough background in science to do a real study) into the complexity
surrounding LACM 23845 (Dinotyrannus/juvenile Tyrannosaurus).  I want to
see how much larger the fibula is in juvenile tyrannosaurs than it is in
adults, comparatively.  Boy, I hope that made some sense.

The interesting possibility is a reference in Russell (1970) to a report on
the specimens of T. bataar in Poland.  Has anybody looked at Kielan and
Jaworowska (1967)?  Does it list specimens with any sort of discription?
It might save a letter to Poland to find out.  The other route is through a
student working on a redescription of Mongolian tyrannosaurs who made the
trip to Moscow and Warsaw(?) to look first hand.  Incidentally, does
anybody know who this is and how I could get a hold of him/her?

Before I go too far, how tough is it to get a copy of Maleev (1974)?!?  The
ROM does not have it.  They could not even find the journal title in the
archives.  Darnit, I want that paper!

Thanks in advance to all who answer.

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