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[anatomy@iris.nyit.edu: Job - Preparator/Assist. Prof.]

Another one from VRTPaleo...  This time the message wasn't sent to us;
I hope Des didn't intentionally leave us out... In any case, it looks
like he's not currently subscribed, so if nobody here tells him then I
won't get in trouble for forwarding it :-)  

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)

From: Anatomy <anatomy@iris.nyit.edu>
To: vrtpaleo@usc.edu
Subject: Job - Preparator/Assist. Prof.

Funding is available for a full-time preparator at the New York College of
Osteopathic Medicine (NYCOM). It is anticipated that the newly-created
position will be established at the level of Assistant Professor, with
appropriate salary and a generous benefits package. The successful
applicant must possess an advanced degree, but it should be noted that
this is not a research position.

The position involves preparation of Early Cretaceous dinosaurs, summer
field work in the US, and some molding and casting. In addition, the
successful applicant will be required to assist with all laboratory
sessions associated with an annual two-month histology course.

NYCOM and its parent institution, the New York Institute of Technology are
located on Long Island, approximately 30 miles east of Manhattan.

Applications will be considered until the position is filled. A cover
letter and CV should be sent (regular mail or e-mail) to:

Des Maxwell
Department of Neuroscience
Old Westbury, NY 11568