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new refs

Been away for a while, but I'm back.  Here are a few new ones...

Peter L. Larson 1998, "A Stitch in Time: Paleontological success stories
don't get much more classic than the discovery and recovery of the most
complete Acrocanthosaurus skeleton everfound", The Lapidary Journal,

Cao Peiyuan 1997, "Back to the Jurassic--A Visit to the Zigong Dinosaur
Museum", China Today, 46(4):52-.

Anonymous 1997, "Dinosaur Trackway, Cimarron County", Oklahoma Geology
Notes, 57(5):158-.

Tim T. Tokaryk 1997, "First evidence of juvenile ceratopsians (Reptilia:
Ornithischia) from the Frenchman Formation (late Maastrichtian) of
Saskatchewan", Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences - Journal Canadien des
Sciences de la Terre, 34(10):1401-.

Anonymous 1998, "Evolution: All life is one, all amber is bunk, fossil trove
of the century, red meat was bad for T. rex, and a dino rookery in
Portugal", Discover, 19(1):46-.

V.M. Efimov 1997, "On a Find of a Fossil Sauropod from the Marine
Hauterivian of the Middle Volga Region", Paleontological Journal,

I haven't seen this next one, and I have no idea what it could possibly be.
But it looked amusing so here it is.

JT The journal of irreproducible results.
DA NOV 01 1997 v 42 n 6
PG 23
AU Kissil, Joseph I.
TI Evidence for Creation of the Earth During the Mesozoic era

And a paleobotany ref...

JT Modern geology.
DA 1997 v 21 n 3
PG 299
AU Axsmith, Brian J.
AU Taylor, Thomas N.
AU Olsen, Paul E.
TI An Occurrence of the Gondwanan Plant Fraxinopsis in the Upper Triassic of
Eastern North America

Tempe, Arizona