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Dinofest (and ANSP Dino Hall)

Those of you coming to Philadelphia this spring for Dinofest, here is some
information.  (I expect to be functioning as Docent at some point during the

    Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia's Dinosaur Hall reopens on
March 14th, 1998. (1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway - Center City - Phila.)

     Dinofest begins March 27th, 1998 running through April 26th, 1998 at
the Philadelphia Civic Center (34th and Civic Center Blvd. - near University
City section of Phila.).

    Admission:  Adults:         $15.00  ($3 discount for Seniors - at box
office only)
                         Children:      $10.00 (12 and under) / Free (2 and

    These appear to be prices for each day.  The Symposium prices have not
yet been posted.  The Symposium will be April 17th through April 19th.  The
Keynote speaker will be Stephen J. Gould.  There will be a banquet on
Saturday night.

    The Dinofest should have: 3 sauropods over 80 feet each in length, 15
full-sized robotic dinos, Sinosauropteryx and other Chinese fossils, the
Great Russian Dinosaur exhibit, Dinosaurs of the Rocky Mountains, Ice Age
elephants, the largest dinosaur egg collection ever seen - over 100 eggs
from the entire world, and a large "fabulous" display of amber, and the ever
popular "much, much more!".   (Paleontolgical art displays. concerts, film
festivals, book signings, etc., etc.)

    They expect almost 500,000 people to show up for the entire event.

[As a personal aside, I haven't been responding to many messages online here
because of the following:  I attended Philcon (Phila. Science Fiction
Convention - 3 days), I got married, I moved, my computer was disconnected
from the phone line for over a month, and now that I am sick at home (a
flu-like virus...), I have had a chance to catch up on past emails here  (I
only have 682 more to read!!! - down from 1100+).   I hope that I will see
those of you who I have met many years ago when you attend Dinofest.  I will
probably have some sort of badge identifying me, so even those of you who
only know me from my sometimes informative, sometimes inane posts, can meet
me if you wish.  ]

Hope this has been helpful,

        Allan Edels