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Attention Australian list members

Apologies to those members of the list for whom this message does not apply.
It's aimed at those Australians who may be lurking out there. 

Dear all,
In April (15th - 18th) this year we are holding a Vertebrate Palaeontology
student conference at the World Heritage Naracoorte Caves in South
Australia. This will be a serious conference with papers presented,
discussion groups held, and keynote speakers, but it will also present a
perfect opportunity for students involved in the field to get together and
get to know each other. We've organised various activities (not all
serious!) for participants and these include cave tours, adventure caving,
winery tours, a conference dinner and possibly the opportunity to join in
with the fossil dig. 

      The conference is open to not only those interested in systematic and
general palaeontology, but also the broader questions of palaeoclimatology,
palaeoecology and geochronology. Thus, anyone interested or involved in any
field of relevance to vertebrate palaeontology, eg. taphonomy, dating
methods/applications, isotopic geochemistry, karst studies, archaeology
(with relevance to archaeological faunal remains or site formation
processes), geology, are encouraged to attend.  
      The conference was originally proposed for post-graduate students
(including Honours students), but the whole things snowballed, so interested
under-grads, supervisors and others involved in research in these areas are
most welcome. 

      If anyone is interested, please contact me by email and I will forward the
next circular which contains full details. The closing date for payment of
fees and submission of abstracts will be the beginning of March, so there's
no real need to panic just yet.  

Liz Reed    

Liz Reed
School of Biological Sciences
Vertebrate Palaeontology
Flinders University of SA, GPO Box 2100 Adelaide SA, 5001
Ph.  (08) 8201 2630 (lab)
Fax. (08) 8201 3015
email: liz.reed@flinders.edu.au