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Chen et al on Sinosauropteryx

Be sure to check out the article by Chen et al in the current issue of
of Nature. A couple of observations:

  1. They classify it as a dinosaur Family Compsognathidae (Marsh 1882)
   but retain the binomium given it by Ji & Ji in the original Chinese
  2. The report on the gut contents and the eggs; with comments on size.
  3. the discription of the 3-fingered hand is important (dominated by the
   large first finger which is larger than either of the bones of the fore-
  4. The photos are excellent, and different from those published in either
   in Audubon (also from Nanjing) or any of the various publictions of
   David Bubiers shots (taken during the visit in March)
  5. Their discussion and the remarks by D. Unwin in "News & Views" is
   careful, accurate and extremely well crafted.
 No doubt about it, this is an important find; and well done paper.