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Re: Complete Dinosaur Mamenchisaur question

>>>I just received The Complete Dinosaur today, and noted that the 
>>>Sauropods chapter features several depictions of Mamenchisaurus 
>>>holding its neck up. 

>>There is only one *Mamenchisaurus* illustration (Greg Paul's) in 
>>that book. The other dinosaur in similar position was *Euhelopus* 
>>(the less compelte illustration), Mamenchi's direct ancestor. 

>Check again.  There are in fact two illustrations of M. in TCD, one >on 
page 273, the other on page 275. Both feature a neck-up, giraffe- >like 
M. I understood that M. held it's neck horizontally, and that >this was 
the only posture possible based on the configuration of the >neck 

Ah, yes, I stand corrected. I was refering then, to the *Euhelopus* on 
pg. 280, and I forgot all about the pencil-drawing (quite good, I'll 
say) of the *Yangchuanosauri* harrassing a herd of *Mamenchisauri*.

"Well, color me purple!"

Jaime A. Headden

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