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To all;

        I have been just informed that due to a budget shortfall at Dinamation,
Paleontology has been cut to a six mounth position at DIS so that it
just cover our expedition programs. As it now stands my regular salary
ends at the end of January and starts again in May. I have been informed
that if I can raise $13,000, the intervening 4 months of salary will be
covered. It looks like I have half of the raised through a promotion
with the Discover Card to name a dinosaur species after a young boy in
New Jersey. But it will be a struggle to raise the balance, when I have
to raise $7000 to publish the volume that will forfill the agreement
with the Discover Card. Catch 22!
        Well, given I pull that off I'm covered until the end of Oct. by which
time I have to figure out how to raise another 6 months salary. More
lead time would have been good here in the land of minimum wage. As with
any young family with young kids, we live month to month and it will be
tough to survive even one month without a pay check. Does anyone have
any ideas. Does anyone have any options? It is pretty sad to think of
having to drop my research on the Lower to Middle Cretaceous to get a
job at K-Mart. I cannot think of many funding agencies that will cover 6
months of salary a year, particularly Nov.-April. Anyone with any
potential options, I am ready to listen. Well I had better get

Thanks for letting me vent;

Jim Kirkland
Dinamation Int'l Society
550 Jurassic Court
Fruita, Colorado 81521
(970) 858-7282