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Recently I made the assertation that the dinosaur faunas from the Late
Cretaceous of France were rather poorly.  In response, Darren Naish and Fred
Bervoets sent faunal lists of France from the Late Cretaceous listing what
dinos were known from there.

Two things that I notice right off the bat is that first, there are not very
many dinos known from France during the Late Cretaceous.  Three titanosaurs,
two hadrosaurs, a wierdo Iguanodontian, a nodosaur and two abelisaurids for
the whole country!?  That's hardly well known.  Compare that to say the
American Morrison or Hell Creek, or even the Wealdean.  There are more species
of Hadrosaurinae from the Two Medicine than all dinosaurs from all of France
in the Cretaceous.

Secondly, almost all of these dinosaurs are known from just about nothing,
save Telmatosaurus and Silvisaurus (once that gets sorted out).

So yes, like I was saying, I think it is rather premature for Buffetaut to
assume that there were no ornithomimosaurs in France when there is very little
known in the way of dinosaurs period.

Pete Buchholz

If you're calling me a liar, you better have more than an umbrella in your
Nine Iron.
Have a nice day.