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Oviraptors (no *Rinchenia* this time)

Hello, All

I would like to have this info in the next couple of days, if possible. 
Tracy Ford, George Olshevsky, Tom Holtz, Mike Keesey, Greg Paul, and 
anyone else who's got a bit to send to me on these relating dinosaurs, I 
need them fast.

1) How many *Oviraptor* skeletons (*O. philoceratops* and *O.       
mongoliensis*) and specimens are out there? Include crested and non    
crested, and juvenile individuals. Place in Mongolia would also be    
helpful. Also, when was the type found, rather than described, and    by 

2) How many of the same specifications are there of *Ingenia yanshini*    
and *Conchoraptor gracilis* and who are their describers?

3) What Djadokhta and Nemegt plants are there known? Foliage and flora    
seldom make their way to this site, but lately in dino-restorations    
these have become a little more important.

4) How many nests were found of *Elongatoolithus* that had *Proto-       
ceratops* nearby? Or any other *Protoceratops*--*Oviraptor*    

And to you all, references would be most welcome, especially on all of 
the above targets, or as much as you can supply me with. This is rather 

Jaime A. Headden

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