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Re: The Astronaut Coelophysis

Hi all . .

> > > I've been pleading with all my astronaut friends and acquaintances
> > > for several years to take *me* along.
> > You probably outweigh a _Coelophysis_ skull by a couple of orders of
> > magnitude. That could be a factor...

With regard to this thread, I recently spent about 5 or 6
hours at the Kennedy Space Center, looking at boosters, capsules
and their accompanying plaques.  (There is a show in their Saturn/
Titan facility that is WELL worth the price of admission - though
that is for a different list.) 

Over and over again it was mentioned how much fuel was required
to get even "15" pounds to "escape velocity".  With that in mind,
considering the price we as taxpayers pay for Space Exploration
and Space Exploitation . . . I wonder how wise it is for "such"
novelties.  (Granted , , I do find something slightly asthetic
in bringing a coelophysis into orbit . . but still.)

As I've been having difficulties with my mail server I apologize
if I've just stated what's already been put forward.

Patti Mason