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If Dinosaurs Could Fly

I just finished watching the documentary "If Dinosaurs Could Fly" on the
Canadian Discovery Channel.  Far, far too many shots of Phil Currie and his
fiancee having dinner and Chinese peasants wandering the countryside, and
far too little meat, but interesting if you want to see slab and
counterslab of Sinosauropteryx and views of Protoarchaeopteryx, with
comments (that you might expect) from Alan Feduccia about how delusional
everyone is.  The most interesting thing for me was Currie's repeated
comment that Protoarchaeopteryx has both Sinosauropteryx-style
"protofeathers" and "real" feathers - has this been verified in detail?  A
Chinese restoration shows both creatures, with Pro. quite a bit larger than
Sin., with a rather Archie-like tail and shaggy "Proavis"-like arms.  Any
comments would be most welcome....
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