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Arms and not Giraffatitans...

DinosØMP wrote-
> When people want to draw a Brachiosaurus, they ALLWAYS draw
> Giraffatitan...they kan draw Giraffatitan as much as they want, but write
> "Giraffatitan" as the title, and not "Brachiosaurus". They where
> different GENERA!
> pweh...

maybe you should tell us what we are doing wrong, then?

Jaime A. Headden wrote-
>I've heard it suggested (not sure exactly where) that the arm and >hand's 
>unique situation may actually have been related to mating, the male 
>holding the female to him during copulation---and this would propose 
>that the *Carnotaurus* specimen is a male---in a platypus- like way. Of 
>course, for that to work, the arm would have to be longer, no? If it 
>_was_ naturally short, then that proposal's out the window.

Wouldn't that then propose that the specimen is a female since a female
wouldn't need as long arms in that case?

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