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Re: If Dinosaurs Could Fly

At 09:10 PM 18/01/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I just finished watching the documentary "If Dinosaurs Could Fly" on the
>Canadian Discovery Channel.  Far, far too many shots of Phil Currie and his
>fiancee having dinner and Chinese peasants wandering the countryside, and
>far too little meat, but interesting if you want to see slab and
>counterslab of Sinosauropteryx and views of Protoarchaeopteryx, with
>comments (that you might expect) from Alan Feduccia about how delusional
>everyone is.  The most interesting thing for me was Currie's repeated
>comment that Protoarchaeopteryx has both Sinosauropteryx-style
>"protofeathers" and "real" feathers - has this been verified in detail?  A
>Chinese restoration shows both creatures, with Pro. quite a bit larger than
>Sin., with a rather Archie-like tail and shaggy "Proavis"-like arms.  Any
>comments would be most welcome....
I watched (and taped) this show as well.  It was done by a person who is
used to doing documentaries on people, not science, I think.  They focused
on the human aspects of the story.  I am happy for Dr. Currie, who seems to
be in a fulfilling relationship, but I would rather have seen more of the
specimens.  I wonder if Currie is going to publish on what he has seen in
China.  I think that he has had the best look at all of the specimens, so
he should probably share.

I was amazed with Feduccia.  I was waiting for him to put his fingers in
his ears and start shouting "I can't hear you".  He said that he could see
no use for feathers as insulation?  Feathers would be overkill if they were
for insulation?  Does he think they just appeared on a protobird, intact,
out of the blue?  Does he not believe in evolutionary steps?  Does he think
that the link from (whatever he thinks) to birds has to be linear, with no
offshoots along the line?  I wished they would have had him try to do more
explaining and less poo-pooing.  Especially in the light of the three
specimens they showed.

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