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Re: If Dinosaurs Could Fly

 Its not easy
>to see how a proto-bird could go directly from scales to something as
>derived as a flight feather in one step, particularly if small, insulating
>feathers were a more recent development.  How about quills -- like a
>porcupine?  Is the term "quill" used for both porcupine integument and the
>central shaft of a feather merely an accident of language, or could there be
>some structural homology (or at least some functional homology)?  We've been
>looking for Big Bird.  Maybe we should be looking for Sonic the Hedgehog.
>  --Toby White

Saltationism anyone?
You have said it all. We have found your Sonic the Hedgehog, and  IT IS
Feduccia et al have all been deaf and blind but obviously not dumb. The
dumbness came later, after all the meaningless babble.
They are just flogging their own dead war horse.

Luis Rey

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